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International Centre of Excellence for Research of Intelligent and Secure Information-Communication Technologies and Systems - stage II

On 6.3.2020, the signing of the contract on the provision of NFP for the project International Centre of Excellence for Research of Intelligent and Secure Information and Communication Technologies and Systems – Stage II followed up on its successful Stage I. The project supporting a Centre of Excellence of transnational importance, Phase II, is focused on the field of energy. It will be implemented by a consortium of 4 research institutions, in which the applicant is a multinational company – Atos IT Solutions and Services, s.r.o. and partners are 2 research institutions – Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and company SFÉRA, a. s. The project will carry out independent research and development, industrial research and experimental development of new intelligent solutions responding to current trends and requirements on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources and the need to ensure quality and manageable energy. Microgrids represent a generational change in the functioning of distribution and transmission systems, changing from centralized with direct flow of energy to decentralized with the possibility of bidirectional energy flow in the system, with integrated renewable energy sources and other low-carbon technologies.