Reform of RES and CHP support system and its practical impacts

Organization of a professional seminar: Reform of the system of support of RES and CHP and its practical impacts, Bratislava, November, 26-th, 2018

The program:

  • Reasons for the reform of the system of support for RES and HP CHP (High performance combined heat and electricity power generation) and the course of amendment of the Act
  • The position of existing producers with the right to support after the amendment
  • Support for new installations (purchase, deviation liability, surcharge or fee)
  • Obligatory selection procedure for new resources and exemptions from it
  • New entrants in the support system (aid settlement and mandatory buyer)
  • Call for LDN (Local distribution network) operators – solar as a local source or standard source up to 500 kW
  • Compensation for businesses from energy intensive industries and individual rates for businesses
  • with real energy intensive production
  • G-component and its future
  • Other changes resulting from the amendment