Submission of the project GAME (Grid and Market for Everybody)

The project GAME (Grid and Market for Everybody) is in line with the three areas of specialization in terms of  available scientific and research capacities RIS3 SK:

  • Primarily falls within the area – sustainable energy and energies
  • Secondary is in an area – information and communication technologies,
  • A slight fall in – agriculture and the environment.

The main strategic objective is to create long-term cooperation of enterprises with domestic and foreign research institutions in the field of smart grids and their construction in EU countries.

Specific project objectives are:

  • Create three university research and development polygons and one industrial research and development center, which together cover the broad topic of smart grids,
  • Innovate energy management systems for end customers and explore ways to bring the final customers on the electricity market,
  • Research and innovation leading to the realization of small independent island installations (micro-networks) in local and regional system.

The project follows at the same time the previous research in this field and moves his existing borders. The uniqueness is not only in individual researches. Three universities polygons constructed in accordance with the proposal in the research and development intention in Trnava, Nitra-Kolíňany and Košice will be energy Microassemblies with different scientific subjects, which, if in the context of successful research extra ‘virtual’ migrate together, will give at European level unique scientific entity. Three polygons can form three separated micro-network to which the project will create a joint laboratory, from a market perspective and in terms of management functional part of a complex system of energy collaborative platforms with a simulated environment. The projects are planned capacities for top foreign scientists (Austria, Spain, Czech Republic).

The project is currently submitted for approval in the pending challenges OPVaI-VA / DP / 2016 / 1.2.1-03 the the intermediate body – Research Agency.